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August 22, 2020

Bipasha Basu on her casting couch experience: “Producer once messaged me…”

BIPASHA BASU ON CASTIING COUCH: Bipasha Basu has been in the showbiz for almost 2 decades now. From being a supermodel to one of the most sought after actresses, the Raaz actress has seen it all. Known to be a no-nonsense actress, the lady has more often than not spoken her mind without mincing her words. So ask her if she has ever been s*xually propositioned in her long career, she is quick to say that she is too fierce to accept such kind of attitude.

Bipasha Basu Casting Couch

Bipasha Basu has said that she is a very fierce Bangalan and is not someone who would tolerate any kind of stupid behaviour. Opening up about an incident when a top producer back in the day would constantly message her that he missed her smile, Bipasha said that she made sure to nip it right in the bud.

Opening up about the incident, Bipasha Basu has been quoted by Pinkvilla saying, “I was a young girl and I was staying alone. I always had this image of mine which was fierce and of someone who won’t tolerate ant bulls**t. So a lot of people were scared of me anyway. But there was this one time, I remember when I signed a film with a top producer. I had come back home and I got a text message from him saying ‘Missing your smile’. I was too young and I felt a little weird. But I ignored it. After a few days, he again sent me the same text.”

The Jism actress said that she found it rather odd that a man who had met her only for a few seconds during the contract signing process would send her such messages. “I called up my secretary and asked him, ‘Why is this producer missing my smile?’ I was always this fiesty Bengali woman so I messaged a friend of mine and used several expletives for the producer. And I sent the same message to the producer pretending that it was by mistake. But it worked and there were no texts anymore. I told my secretary to take the signing amount and return it to him because I didn’t want to work with him anymore. The producer told my secretary, “It’s fine, there’s no need to return the signing amount. Ask her to keep it.’ And I was adamant and it got me really angry.”


Well, we certainly cannot think of a cooler way to deal with such a situation! Kudos to you girl! Meanwhile, on the professional front, Bipasha Basu is currently seen alongside hubby and actor Karan Singh Grover in MX Players ‘Dangerous’. The series is being directed by Vikram Bhatt.

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