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November 28, 2020

Fresh off Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives binge, Twitter asks why Seema and Sohail Khan are living in separate houses

Netflix’s latest reality show, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives debuted on Friday and many have already binged through it. The show stars Maheep Kapoor, Neelam Kothari Soni, Bhavana Panday and Seema Khan as the protagonists. However, the audience is a little confused by a few things, such as why are Seema and Sohail Khan not living together.

In the first episode of the season, Sohail’s enters Seema’s home and she is heard saying ‘So Sohail came over,’ hinting that the actor and the fashion designer do not live together. In the fourth episode, her elder son Nirvaan comes back from the US. He checks out her newly renovated home and she tells him to spend more time with her. Nirvaan says that he will ‘keep coming’ to visit but she gets upset that he would not stay with her. “You are talking as if I live across the ocean. I live across the street,” he tells her. “I don’t see enough of him. He stays with his dad, and he comes here and sleeps. It’s one of the most annoying things about Nirvaan,” she tells later to the camera.

Now, a few Twitter users are wondering if Sohail and Seema are separated and if so, would it be right to call her a ‘Bollywood wife’. Some viewers were also confused with Seema calling hers an unconventional marriage.

“Seema says she isn’t having a conventional marriage with Sohail. What’s a conventional marriage?,” read a tweet. “Why do seema and sohail live in seperate houses? Are they in open relationship #FabulousLivesofBollywoodWives,” read another tweet. “What does Seema Khan mean by ‘me and Sohail are not the conventional marriage but we are happy?’ Ummm..”

“Seema appears to be separated from Sohail? Kind of not a Bollywood wife?,” wrote a viewer. “Sohail Khan seems estranged with Seema. Those 2 cameos make it more obvious rather than hiding it,” read another tweet.

Back in 2017, there were rumours that Sohail and Seema had separated after a tiff. However, neither of them had confirmed the reports. Talking about Sohail on the show, Seema said that she will ‘always love Sohail’. “We have the most amazing family. Sohail is the most amazing father. He has been amazing since my kids were born. I love him, I always will. We have a great relationship. It’s just that sometimes when you grow older, your relationships meanders and goes into different directions. I make no apologies about it because we are happy and my kids are happy,” she said. “Sohail and I are not a conventional marriage but we are a family. We are a unit. For us, him and me and our children matter at the end of the day,” she added.

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