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November 29, 2021

Twitter New CEO: Know who is Parag Agarwal, who took charge of Twitter

 Today microblogging website Twitter confirmed that CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping down as CEO effective immediately. After this, the company's board has announced the appointment of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Parag Agarwal as the new CEO of the company. Twitter shares rose nearly 11 percent on the report.

Dorsey said in a statement, "I have made the decision to leave Twitter because I believe the company is now ready to move on from its founders." Regarding Agarwal, Dorsey said that I have faith in Parag as CEO. His work here in the last 10 years has been phenomenal. At the same time, India has also expressed confidence in Parag Agarwal becoming the new CEO of Twitter

Parag Agarwal is a product of IIT Bombay

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has resigned and has been replaced by Parag Agarwal, the company's CTO. Twitter has reported that the Board of Directors has unanimously approved the appointment of Parag Agarwal as CEO and Member of the Board with immediate effect. The company's chief technical officer Parag Agarwal has replaced co-founder Jack Dorsey as CEO. In such a situation, the eyes of the whole world have come towards Parag Agarwal, who emerged like a superstar overnight. The biggest question is who is Parag Aggarwal.

Parag Agarwal is completely Indian. Parag has done his BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay and completed his PhD from Stanford University. According to PeopleAI, Parag Agarwal has an estimated net worth of $1.52 million.

Parag Agarwal, an Indian-American technology executive, is joining a long list of India-born celebrities to head global businesses. Parag wrote in a message to Dorsey after taking over the San Francisco-based company, "I am proud and grateful. I am grateful for your continued advice and your friendship. I am grateful for the service, culture, spirit and purpose you have created." Grateful for the kind that you fostered among us and led the company through really important challenges."

Parag Agarwal has been associated with Twitter for the last decade. He joined Twitter as a Distinguished Software Engineer and then became Chief Technology Officer.

As CTO, Parag was responsible for "Twitter's technology strategy and overseeing machine learning and AI across the consumer, revenue and science teams." Prior to Twitter, Parag Agarwal worked with Microsoft, Yahoo and AT&T Labs. Parag Agarwal was leading Twitter's BlueSky effort, which aimed to create an open and decentralized standard for social media.

Supporters of Parag Agarwal Dorsey come from the lobby. Dorsey wrote in a mail "The board went through a rigorous process considering all options and unanimously appointed Parag. He has been my pick for some time, given how deeply he understands the company and its needs." Understand from He grows up and he is someone I learn from every day. I have a deep trust in him as our CEO.”

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